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It was the universe that led me to Robbie. At first her healing hands help erase years of pain from my body as the sessions went on a lot of layers from the emotional pains started to melt away..... A friendship was born and a new path for Robbie was paved ... She studied to become a duoula  and my first born was her first delivery.  That day ranks top on the list of best days of my life. Her hands pressed at the right place. Her eyes were focused on me and full of strength and encouragement her face was so powerful giving me the ability to push and become a mother.


Her energy, intuition, understanding  and her hands all work together to give you the best journey to a healthier and  pain free  You.



Lara D Qubain



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A massage is a wonderful way to relax and feel pampered, but a good deep tissue massage can do much more - it can improve flexibility, soothe aching muscles and get rid of toxins. Most importantly, it can help prevent injury. Robbie Maclean's, A Healing Connection was voted by Mainline Today as the best sports massage/medicine in town, 2015. Robbie is a go-to when my muscles are in need of attention.  

Congrats Robbie to your recent accolades!


Cindy Brauer

Owner Mojo Fitness /Fitness Choreographer


Thank you so very much for your support to Valley Forge Military Academy. The Healing Connection team helped our cadets and students get most ready for their academic challenge. This support is critical to their success.


Col  John Church

President Valley Forge Military Academy

I have been a Chiropractor for over 12 years.  Finding a massage therapist I feel comfortable and confident with to refer my  patients to is of the utmost importance.  Robbie is definitely one of the best.  Every patient I have referred has thanked me for introducing them to her.  The patients are always more relaxed and feel amazing after her massages.  Thank you Robbie for your great work!"


Dr. Chris Hengested DC